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Location: Thrissur, Kerala
Category: Architecture
Sub Category: Public spaces
Status: Ongoing

The client wanted a multipurpose space that could host both marriage parties, as well as be a venue for musical performances. Given the limited size of the site and the parking requirements for such a building, it was decided to confine the auditorium to 1000 sqm. This client also wanted something that would stand apart from the usual auditorium "shed" that most such buildings ended up being. And budget being very tight, we started by designing a unique structure using the arch as the basic structural element. We have also designed in substantial areas of glass to give the users a larger sense of space while inside the auditorium. Acoustic treatment is also going to be unique as it will feature the use of coir acoustic panels that we have developed in conjunction with the IIID and the Coir board. Total Project Cost: Rs.3.5 crores Status: Conceptual Stage